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Simple SEO Strategies

Optimizing your articles is crucial if you want to have a steady stream of traffic coming to your business every day. That's where SEO strategies come in. You see, if you don't know how to search engine optimize your content, you will never make it online. Article is great for building traffic once you know how.

Use SEO tactics like specific keyword placement. You need to select the best performing keywords in your niche and place them in very specific locations throughout your article content. I suggest that you include two keywords in the first paragraph, one located in the middle paragraph, and three at the very last paragraph. This is perfect for allowing the search algorithms to scan your content and get an idea of what you are writing about.

Titles should include your keywords as well. How are the algorithms going to find your article if you don't have an optimized title? Also, make sure that your titles are very compelling to read. Use words that are targeted towards your reader’s emotions. This is great for getting a high open rate! Use words like, discover, uncover, unleash, secrets, etc.

Avoid using your keyword too much. If you have an over optimized article, it wouldn't matter how many articles you wrote. You would never get search engine rankings for those articles. Instead, just sprinkle your words throughout your content in a natural way. It should flow with the content and be easy to read.

Use a conversational tone. A great way to let Google know you're serious about your rankings is to use a tone that appears to be conversational in nature. Write your articles as if you were talking to your readers. Ask them questions about their problems. If they feel like you are talking to them, they will appreciate your articles much more. The search engines are leaning towards this new way of writing.

Write very short content. OK, this is what I believe to be the best way to get good rankings. You see, short content is easier for the search algorithms to scan your article. I suggest that you write an article that is about 400 words in length and offers some useful tips. Every day people just like you are writing articles for search rankings and it is up to you to make sure that your content is seen online...short and to the point, is the best way to go!  Learn more at


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Social Bookmarking and SEO

One of the bane of internet marketers is the traffic generation technique going obsolete in a few days. It seems that every time you master a technique, someone pulls out the plug and it is no longer a good technique. The search engine rankings are worked on all the time. Internet marketers should use tried and true techniques more instead of one-day-and-done methods. One such method is the social bookmarking.

For those who know that internet marketing is a long term process, also know that social bookmarking is the ultimate tool. Basically, it lets you share content with fellow users and in turn increase traffic to your website. This is one of the most potent traffic techniques used by experienced internet marketers. In my opinion, article marketing and social bookmarking are the best traffic generating techniques. Here, let me explain to you the process in detail.

As a start, you have to register with one of the social bookmarks management websites. There are many websites specifically catering to this service and some are paid too. However, the best things in life are free. I would personally recommend to my audience. This website has the most user friendly interface and streamlines the entire bookmarking process. It is a great option for novices as well as professionals since it works like a charm and delivers on its promise

The main webpage enlists all the major bookmarking services including Digg, Reddit, Newswire etc. you can choose the services available here simply by checking the corresponding box. Then you may proceed to enter other essential information prior to bookmarking. This step includes entering the title, text, tags, and the link of the bookmark you wish to add. Click Submit and it's done. Simple, isn't it.

Social bookmarking is already a SEO plus for your website's search engine rankings. But it can be further enhanced using Social Marker. For example, in the text box and the tags box, you can add your SEO keywords to improve your rankings. This is the method I have used to achieve awesome traffic stats (for Google and Yahoo) in the past few months. Also, I would recommend you use this with video marketing also since videos are all the rage these days. the option of Dofollow is also offered to the users. This provides high quality backlinks along with bookmarks. Dofollow links are known to improve SEO rankings.

All the social bookmarking boxes you check, you have to be registered with. This means you may have to register with numerous websites. This can take hours and is plain boring. The solution is to outsource this task and get it done cheap. It saves me enormous time, which I can put in to website development and internet marketing.

Social Marker is one great tool in the hands of an internet marketer. However, there are other options as well like Social Poster. The concept is similar but the layout is different. You can choose to go with either one and still expect traffic improvement.  Learn more at

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