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Boost Your Online Presence With Sitemaps

As indicated by the name, sitemaps are a map of your site, showing the structure of the entire website (including sections, links etc) on a single page. A page like this can make navigating your site easier for visitors (think of them like tourists in a foreign city), but it can also play an important role in how search engines interact with your program pages and the prominence of your online presence.

Sitemaps and Search Engines Sitemaps communicate with search engines, telling them what parts of your website to include and exclude from indexing. Basically, it tells search engine crawlers where you want them to crawl. To best accomplish this, schools will often have two sitemaps: one for humans and one for spiders. This ensures that both serve their purpose in the best way possible. This isn't to say that you necessarily need two sitemaps, but since Google does not penalize you for doubling up, it's not a bad idea to go the extra mile.

There, are, however, some different options, specifically HTML and XML sitemaps. An HTML sitemap is the old school sitemap for users to find all the pages of your web on one single page. In many cases, university websites may require many HTML sitemaps. XML (Extensible Markup Language) sitemaps are an update on this older method, allowing web developers to submit a sitemap directly. They are also more precise, as they do not allow errors. 

Sitemaps and Page Depth "Depth" in this case, refers to the amount of clicks it takes to get to a page from your home page. A page depth of 3, for example, means that moving from the home page to a specific page requires 3 clicks.  Crawlers, on occasion, will fail to crawl pages with high page depth or heavily Rich Internet Application (RIA) elements. Therefore, if your site's page depth is more than 3 or 4, a sitemap is needed to get all those pages crawled.

Submitting Your Sitemap with Google An easy way to submit XML sitemaps is to use Google Sites. Before it will generate a sitemap, however, you must verify your site. To do so, you need to verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools.  Learn more at

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SEO for the Modern Company

Search engine optimization is very much a part of the digital revolution and considered a new age technology in the new digital age. The reason SEO is considered in this way is due to the perception of the dinosaurs within the marketing industry that have not moved on since the days of pen and paper. This type of marketing manager still believes that business is about going out and shaking hands and meeting people. Although this is still a big part of business it is no longer the only way as many companies will research the product or service they are looking for before choosing a company. 

The golden age of newspapers and advert design is dead due to the rise of the digital revolution. Although these industries are much smaller they still exist in the digital age in a different form, in terms of online adverts to display advertising for example. The smart companies will see the market trend and start to evolve their business model to match the market place. Companies that remain only selling the traditional methods may still succeed in the digital age, but the modern companies will evolve as their customers do. These modern day companies will use the traditional forms of marketing like design and advertisement creation to help grow their business further. This type of company will use experience to design websites and media packs to still get the customer attention in a new way.

The trend of the digital is present in one of the most visible places in any town, the high street. This is because if you walk down any high street in Britain you will see closed or relocated shops. The relocation of shops is key as businesses have realized that if they have got cheaper ground rate they keep more stock which they can sell online. Also the sales they get online makes up for any loss of revenue they get from not being on the street allowing them to increase their profit margin. The modern company will make sure that it's marketing strategy covers areas of the business from the traditional approach new age digital revolution including PPC, SEO, Mobile and a full social media strategy with the rise of sites like Facebook. The digital age is here to stay and shows no sign of dying unlike the traditional marketing managers who are dinosaurs and have not embraced the changes in consumer spending patterns. 

In conclusion, for a company to survive in the digital age it needs to evolve with the market and embrace the change technically as the world will not stand still so your company should always be moving as well to generate new revenue for your business. At the end of the day the most important thing to your company is the bottom line as this is a key element that will shape whether your business is growing or dying out like the dinosaur marketing managers.  Learn more at

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Getting Your Web Migration Right

Social trends are always changing in the modern market and styles come in to fashion as quickly as they go out of fashion. This is why it is important to make sure that you keep your website on the cutting edge of design and put a plan in place that keeps your website design up to date. This may involve different things, like a complete redesign of your website, or migrating your website to a new CMS system, or simply a re-skin of the existing design. Each type of option will involve a cost and you need to decide which option is right for your business based on your budget costing. 

Having a cutting edge website that uses all of the advancements in coding developments is important as you need remain one step ahead of your competitors; you can be sure that they will be updating their website all the time to get ahead of you. Your website is one of the tools you have at your disposal to tell consumers about your business and put across your marketing message across to the user. Making sure your customers understand what your business does is one of the important things your website must show. As well as showing what you do as a business, you need to make sure that customer knows your business exists, and a big part of this is where you appear in Google for your target keywords. This where your SEO strategy will play a major part, as this is how people will find your site in Google. This may seem like an easy thing to do ranking in Google, but SEO is an art form and it requires a skilled professional to make sure it is done correctly. 

All existing URLs must be identified and mapped to their closest equivalent as they may be changing.  All URLs must 301 redirect to their equivalent counterparts, 302 redirects, JavaScript redirects etc. will not pass authority, PageRank etc.  Upon re-launch, a broken link check and URL redirect audit will be conducted.  All keywords should be mapped out on the new website to get the most exposure and build any new landing pages at the point of build.  Redirects should be in place before the site is launched as it may cause the website to lose its authority and cause broken links on the site.  Full audit of onsite content must be performed ensure that any content is written with SEO in mind.  When you are migrating your website an SEO agency New York City based can help you choose the best ways to launch your strategy, though a full services digital marketing agency New York City can ensure that you are doing everything right.  Learn more at

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SEO - More Advantages Than You Can Ever Imagine

SEO has been a commonly used in Internet marketing and more so with earning money online gig. But when it comes to traditional business this can be a foreign term that needs to be explained further in order to make sense. What is SEO? Basically, it is a term used in optimizing a website in order for the search engine spider crawlers to index every single web page of your website and put it on rank among other websites in relation to a particular keyword or phrases of words. 

Before you will have a mind-boggling experience, it would be best to give you a gist as to what SEO can do to you and your business in totality. At this juncture, you will be acquainted with certain details as to why SEO is more advantageous and beneficial to anybody who has a website and wants to earn money. 

If there is one thing that SEO can do to a website it would be the mere fact that there will be an increase in sales. This will be brought about by the combination of all SEO techniques which will lead visitors who will soon become potential customers and eventually buy a product or service as being promoted on the official money site or website. 

Another benefit of SEO is that it creates what we call as "brand visibility". Simply means, your name, your brand will be more visible online. This in return will generate more traffic and people will then visit your website for get further information especially if they are interested on the product or service you are selling. 

Do you know how much would it cost you to post an ad on a newspaper? How much more when it's being put up on a billboard? This can cost you way much higher compared to hiring someone or have SEO done internally. You simply pay an SEO company to do an SEO campaign or have your marketing team do this for you, and in just a matter of time you will see positive results start to roll in. SEO is cost-effective in the sense that you are going to pay off or release a small amount of money from your pocket for an SEO campaign that's it! You do not need to pay for a news ad, a TV ad, a billboard ad or any sort of ad campaigns. All the different types of ad campaigns can be summed up into one SEO campaign and the money you will be saving is huge.

Do you want to know when will you be able to get back the money you have spent on one SEO campaign? It would be in a matter of months of which a lot shorter compared to using other forms of ad campaigns. Your return on investment is definitely a lot shorter and faster more so if the SEO techniques used are well combined and planned to produce good results.

The goal of an SEO campaign is to generate more targeted traffic. Yes, this is made possible if proper techniques are used and implementation is done ethically. What's with targeted traffic? Well, this kind of traffic will have a much higher conversion rate compared to an ordinary traffic. Here is a clear example, if your business is car washing in New York City with SEO you can bring people who live in NYC to visit your website and eventually acquire your service. The good thing about an SEO campaign is that you can bring in people who are interested on what you are offering or selling and there is a much higher percentage of them to buy from you. Unlike with an ordinary form of advertising, it would be difficult to go out there and bring in potential customers to your business. This would be like you are throwing yourself in the middle of the ocean and you do not have any idea as to which part of the ocean has loads of fish to catch.  Learn more at

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You Don't Need an SEO Agency to Help You With Your Website, Right?

To get customers, now it's not just as simple as advertising and promoting, you need a top ranking web site to get you the maximum exposure. A website that looks the part is one thing but if it doesn't perform as expected when people come across it then it's worthless. If you have badly written content in poor English and you're aiming at an English-speaking customer base then you have failed at the first hurdle. Likewise if you have content on your website that is years out of date then how can you expect your customers to know you are developing and moving forward as a company. An SEO Agency can take your website and take it apart with analysis and get you up to date with all of your content. Of course if your website is totally out of date then the design and build of a new one is likely to be the best course of action.

Let's not pretend that a full rebuild of a website is going to be cheap, not at least if you're doing it properly. If you are in business then I would advise you shouldn't be tempted by the get a website for $100 adverts you see as it's likely to cost you far more than you bargained for in lost sales. A good SEO Agency will offer you a fully integrated service that will cover the design and build of your website, online marketing and a fully interactive and secure website at the end of the process. That is what you want if you want to do business online. 

Don't be fooled by an SEO Agency that will offer you the online world from an 'out of box' solution to fit your personal online requirements. That is not SEO at its finest and whilst you will end up with something at the end it may fall far short of what you actually need. An SEO Agency needs to work with you, build up a relationship over some time to understand your needs and build around them. As a businessperson you wouldn't expect someone to come in to your workplace one day and be an expert in it the next so don't expect that of anyone working on your SEO needs. To get the most optimized website or online solution for your business will take a little time so you need to be patient if you want it done correctly. 

Information in the world we live in is knowledge and they say that knowledge is power and what you're getting with an SEO Agency is the benefit of their knowledge and experience. Look for someone that has been established sometime and has a portfolio you can look at. Don't make your decision on their website alone, they are in the business of making slick and powerful websites to generate business so their own is going to be just that and more. Ask questions and also ask for things to be explained if you don't understand them. The SEO Agency world is a highly skilled one and they will use terms and language that you won't understand so you must ask for clarification.  Learn more at

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There Are Several Reasons Why You Should Employ an SEO Expert to Help You

Any businessperson should understand the importance of having an online profile, and it's something that is no longer just important, it's virtually crucial. Online trading worldwide has rocketed in recent years and if you don't have a website then you aren't reaching your customers. Many people these days actually do the majority of their shopping online even for food so you really can't afford to underestimate this area of your business. An SEO Expert will get you up and trading with a well optimized website so you can increase your corner of your specific market.

There are many people that would claim to be an SEO Expert, however, what is expert to one would be novice to another and you need to carry out a certain amount of research before hiring the services of an SEO Expert. This particular field moves rapidly and you need someone in tune with those changes so you're not left behind. It's okay being up to speed but if you don't maintain that then you're wasting your time 

In 2012 alone there are many new developments in the world of SEO and key in this year to web design and indeed the search engines themselves is quality. What that means is you need quality content, many of the main search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo update the search algorithms and with those changes has been an emphasis on new fresh and relevant content not just sheer amounts of it. Things such as speech searches on mobile phones with the onset of the iPhones with Siri means you have to optimize your site to take account of that also. An SEO Expert will be well aware of all of these developments and be looking to the future all of the time.

Further future trends will be the use of social networking such as Twitter and Facebook, and on many websites you now have links to those social networking sites. More 'followers' on Twitter and more 'likes' on your Facebook page can help your online presence grow. Any SEO expert worth their salt will be exploring these areas with a mind to your website. Any website developed in this day and age has to incorporate every possible way to connect with customers or clients and it is becoming more and more important that social networking is included where possible. Any opportunity you have to interact with your customers has to be a good move forward.

The technicalities and even words used in the world of an SEO Expert are probably beyond most people and it's certainly a skill that takes years to develop. Yes you will see SEO web services cropping up virtually everywhere with every Tom, Dick and Harry stating they can provide a full SEO Expert service. The reality of that is far different and a bad SEO practitioner can do your business more harm than good. Search online for an SEO Expert and you will find one for your website and business.  Learn more at

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Great Tips To Bring Your Search Engine Optimization To The Next Level

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first step toward your success. Given the ideal situation, websites would be rated by actual people who would take specific keywords and phrases into careful consideration. However, this task is too tedious and is given to computers that use algorithms and complex equations in order to accomplish this. The main objective of the SEO process is to design your website to appeal to the computer programs that will rank your site in the search engines.

Search engines use a large number of factors to rank your site, known as a search engine algorithms. The factors can be things such as content, headers, and site traffic. The content of the links to your site is also a factor that the search engines use, although this is something that you may not have as much control over.  High rankings in various search engines take time. Try to make your website as interesting as possible to attract the computer trackers. Make sure your website content, including all your headings, incorporate the keywords appropriate to your product line. Try to increase the relevance of keywords so that your page ranking will improve.

It is impossible to obtain a legitimate high rank on a search engine by paying for one. On the other hand, you can purchase sponsored or featured links. Sponsored or featured links are very expensive, and appear at the top of search results; however, users will know that they are paid links.  Keywords are not the only tactic in search engine optimization. Links, for example, are a great SEO tool. Links between your site and other sites is a great way to increase your ranking. Try to arrange to swap links with other site owners to get more traffic.

The term targeted visitor means someone that is interested in the products and services offered at your website. These people are not just surfing the web; they are looking for a solution to their problems. They want to buy your stuff. Other visitors who just happen upon your site may not buy, but they might surprise you. If you have a very good website they will remember it and they might come back in the future. These are not the only potential customers you should focus your marketing on. You really want those targeted customers who are more apt to purchase what you are selling. That is precisely what makes keyword research so important. Knowing what keywords your target audience is searching for will help you tailor your website to them. Another great idea is to purchase ads on other websites that your target audience frequents.  Learn more at

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I Have A Website, Why Do I Need SEO?

It's time to face facts. It is not a given that just because you have a website your site is being found either on the search engines or by potential clients. Websites can be had now via India at a fraction of the cost here, Verizon and hundreds of other companies out there are now offering free or next to free websites for their customers, my uncle is designing one for his rubber band balls as we speak. Heck, you can even design a great looking one on your Mac. However, if you are a business, and if one of the main purposes of your website is to draw traffic to your site and act as lead generation, you are going to need to have a search engine optimized site that will be ranked prominently on the major search engines, not an online business card.

Studies have shown that only 1 out of 5 people will click to page 2 of a search engine to find what they are looking for. 80 percent will not leave page one. Forget page 6. So how do you ensure ranking high in what is known as the "organic" or FREE middle section of a search engine page?

Well here we go: Make sure your website is well optimized and designed with time tested SEO practices to ensure high ranking in the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN and BING. There is a delicate balance between a search engine optimized site that the search engine crawlers will find and a well designed site that is pleasing to the eye and not so busy as to be more of a distraction than anything else. A good web designer that is capable of encompassing both elements is hard to come by, but they are out there. If your site is so keyword rich that the flow is awkward, the navigation confusing and the readability is difficult, customers will be turned off and lose interest.

On the other hand, a beautifully designed site with un-tagged graphics and/or flash media, barely any keywords or meta tagging, no titles or descriptors, and lacking in inbound links will be ranked low on the search engines, and you can kiss all of that money spent on design bye as it has just been lost to the black hole of search engine hell.

The key to a functional site that will draw traffic and encourage click through is to have a well designed, easy on the eye, easy to navigate site that also contains smart SEO practices  Learn more at

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How an SEO Training Course Can Help You and Your Business

As a business owner in the twenty-first century, you will be knowledgeable of the emphasis and importance of Internet marketing for the success of your firm. However, depending on the level of your own computer skills you may feel lost when the time comes to design and run a website, an SEO training course being just what you need for yourself and the success of your firm. 

No business nowadays can run to its full potential without Internet marketing and a great looking website. However, with competition being so fierce to be highest ranked on all of the top search engines, these days you do not only need a great looking website, but one that will have the most traffic and in turn create the most sales.

In order for your website to be a success, you therefore do not just need to look at how your website appears to your visitors; you need to employ the best search engine optimization techniques to ensure traffic is constantly being driven to your content. A great looking site is just part of what is required these days, and by enrolling on the best SEO training course, you can learn just what is necessary for your site to be a complete success.

The best SEO training course will be flexible to suit your needs, will be catered to your level of computer knowledge, and will take you through step by step at your own pace everything you should have to know. Getting your website SEO optimized is not as difficult as you might first presume, and by employing some simple techniques such as correct keyword placing and back linking, in no time at all you will see your site become a success. 

Every successful business these days will have an SEO optimized website, and particularly when you are on a small budget or are a new business, your finances will not stretch to hiring an SEO professional for these purposes. This is of course where enrolling on the best SEO training course will help you learn everything you should need to be sure of.

To keep your website fully optimized will only take a few hours of your time each week once you are aware of just what is necessary. You must remember that in order to attract people to your content that you will need to refresh your website with fresh articles and ideas that will keep visitors on your site and encourage them to make a purchase. 

The best SEO training course is therefore the very best way to keep yourself updated with just what is necessary these days to create a successful website for your business. You may still choose to have your site professionally created but once in place, after learning the necessary skills module by module on the best training course, you will be able to put what you have learned into practice on your pages and content and ensure that your content will always rank with the very best, creating a wealth of sales for you and your firm.  Learn more at

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Pros and Cons of SEO Training

SEO is an important part of getting traffic to any website. You can get SEO training which is important to succeed online by driving traffic to your site and getting sales. When effective SEO techniques are applied your site can achieve high rankings in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. When people search for information online on the subject related to your site they can find your site easily and this would improve your chances of getting high quality targeted traffic from various search engines (SE). SEO is vital for success of any website by getting traffic and improving sales.

SEO is not a skill and requires consistent effort to get the required results. If you are serious about your online business you should certainly get search engine optimization training. This will ensure you learn all the techniques required to get your site ranked high in search engines and drive high-targeted traffic to your site.  There are multiple benefits of a formal SEO training, but the most important benefit is that you will learn vital SEO techniques, which will help you, get your site ranked highly in search engines and turn it into an authority site in your niche. You should just be prepared to keep learning and working on your SEO campaign as it's a continuous process. When you enroll for SEO training you will gain valuable knowledge which will assist you with planning the SEO campaigns for your website.

SEO training also has a few disadvantages associated with it. One of the major drawbacks of SEO training is that it can be expensive so everyone cannot afford to get this training and learn about SEO. Another disadvantage of this training is that SEO techniques change frequently so the knowledge you gain through the training may not be good for long and you need to keep updating your knowledge about all the latest trends of SEO regularly.  You should get your SEO training only from an experienced search engine specialist as they will teach you the latest search engine techniques, which would be most effective and provide great results. If you learn SEO from people who don't update their training programs frequently it may result in learning techniques, which have become obsolete and lost their effectiveness. However, most SEO training courses cover effective SEO techniques, which can be highly beneficial.

Some people prefer getting books or EBooks on SEO instead of getting SEO training. Many of these books and EBooks are really good and help you learn effective SEO techniques, which you would have otherwise learned in a training course. You just need to remember that the SEO techniques discussed in these books can become outdated quickly as SEO is a continuous process, which keeps updating regularly. SEO training from an experienced search engine specialist is the best way to learn the best and most effective SEO techniques. Learn the latest SEO tips and techniques through training and achieve online success by improving your site's search engine rankings and driving traffic to your site.  Learn more at

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What It Takes To Create A Great SEO Ranking?

Most of us have got into the practice of using the search engines to find out any ideas that we want to know. Most of us wait around for the search results and typically make use of one of the first couple of search results to get the information that we want. Perhaps you have stopped to think that you are utilizing the distinct result, only because of its high SEO ranking?

Firms all over the world are involved in intensive competition to obtain the best SEO ranking so that it would boost the sales of their product. Different articles are utilized to lure consumers to their websites. In the event that a SEO ranking goes down, many firms get very worried and do their best to ensure that the ranking reaches up to its previous standing.

Those who have very little knowledge of online marketing often believe that the SEO ranking relies upon just on the number of times a keyword is repeated in an article. This is an incorrect idea. Obtaining a high SEO ranking is not a simple task and requires good strategy and good enactment. Different search engines might have different criteria but there are actually certain similarities.

The first step in increasing the ranking would include getting the best possible understanding of your consumers and their behavioral patterns. You have to find out the keywords that they are prone to use to discover your products. Improving the ranking also has a lot to do with understanding your competition. You must be realistic. If you fail to compete with bigger firms with more resources and make money in obtaining a high SEO ranking for the key phrase that you've in mind, you might need to adjust it a bit more.

The quality of the content is likewise essential. Generally, if the articles are excellent in quality and have been written by professionals who are respected in the subject, lots of people will go to your Internet site. You cannot get a great ranking by just inserting the keyword wherever possible. A large number of two-way links wouldn't help your rankings either. Way too many links of this nature could actually reduce your ranking.

People are signing up for a number of social-network websites and are engaging in more time on the web using various using the Search Engine Optimization techniques. It is obvious that significance of Internet marketing and advertising will most definitely escalate in the future. Therefore the importance of a ranking is also going to rise. Firms must be geared up with the essential resources to be able to meet this undertaking with success. The certified skills and the essential computer software are some of the important considerations that need to be in place if you are to enhance your ranking.

Pay very close attention to the standards used by search engines prior to trying to come with a method to increase your ranking. The criteria of the most commonly used Internet websites should be provided as much consideration as possible. Bear in mind that enhancing your ranking can't be accomplished overnight. It is a process.  Learn more at

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Understanding Website Optimization

Website developers and programmers will have you thinking that website optimization is all about CSS, html, script, etc. Yes all that stuff is part of it, but there are far more important elements to enhance on your website. I'm talking about things that you as a newbie can do yourself.

Website Optimization is all about making your website friendlier to the search engines. When Google likes you, it will make sure you site is easier to find online. It's also about adding elements to your site that will convert your website visitors into interested prospects.  There are two vital website optimization terms that you must know and understand, they are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Optimization.  Search engine optimization can be further broken down into On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

On Page Optimization is composed of elements that must be incorporated directly on your website, for example: Meta tag optimization, heading tags, targeted keyword phrases on each page, xml sitemap, image optimization, internal linking, and more.

Off Page Optimization is composed of building links to your site from other sites and web properties. Most of those links should come from sites that are related to what your website is about. As an example, if your site is about cooking, you do not want a link from a site that's about swimming. The more relevant links you have coming to your site, the more the search engines will think of your site as an authority in your industry, particularly if you have links coming from a site that already has got a lot of authority.

The problem is that too many people target link building before they have optimized the on page SEO factors discussed above. One comes before the other, yet both (one page and off page SEO) are necessary if you would like to ultimately be listed higher than your competition in Google. As you know, the higher you are on the list, the more folks will see it, which equals more traffic to your website.  When all those people visit your website you must have it optimized to grab their attention enough to get them to take an action. Generally, you want to include pictures, videos, sign up forms (so you can follow-up with prospects), and anything else that your target market is interested in.  Learn more at

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The Key to Higher Search Engine Rankings

Why are SEO Training Courses so critical to the success of your online business? Well, it really all comes down to traffic. Without lots of targeted traffic to your website, you're not going to make any sales no matter how great your products or services may be. You can build a beautiful and impressive website and hire an experienced copywriter to create your sales page content, but without traffic it will all be a waste of time.

Now, there are many ways to bring traffic to your website, but few of them can match the potential of SEO. You could spend a lot of money on paid advertising methods like pay per click, but if you don't know what you're doing you can end up wasting a great deal of time and money. Likewise, social media campaigns have become all the rage in recent months, but if done improperly this could lead to very few conversions because most people on social networks don't want to be sold to.

On the other hand, SEO Training Courses can bring you recurring traffic from the search engines. People are actually typing in phrases related to your products and services, and your website can come up for these searches. The benefits of this kind of targeted traffic cannot be overstated. When your visitors are looking for what you have to offer (or something very close to this), your chances of making a sale go up dramatically.  Even better, you don't have to pay for every visitor that comes to your website the way you would for pay per click advertising. Instead, you can take advantage of SEO Training Courses to boost your website's performance in Google and other major search engines.

Well, first of all, you will learn the importance of keyword research. In other words, you study your niche thoroughly in order to understand what kind of keyword phrases your business should be ranking for. You'll look at the competition and the search volume for various keyword phrases before making your decision.  You'll also learn how to optimize your own website in order to rank for these phrases in the search engines. A good SEO course will stress the importance of high-quality content, which is becoming more important every day as Google continues to alter its search algorithm in this direction.

One of the most misunderstood, yet very important, aspects of SEO is link building. In order to boost your rankings in the search engines, you're going to have to learn how to build links to your website (or at least hire someone to do this for you). Without the proper training, however, you could end up making critical mistakes like building too many links to your website all at once with automated tools. Likewise, you could end up getting all of your links from just a couple of sources, or you could concentrate on low quality links that have little value. All these things should be explained thoroughly by good SEO Training Courses.  Learn more at

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What a Good Search Engine Optimization Training Course Can Teach You

Whether you want to become an expert in the search engine optimization world, or you just need the basic knowledge to optimize your own website for better Google's rankings, you can find many resources to learn about the subject. Some of the factors that search engines use to rank pages remain the same, but search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, therefore, an up-to-date training course is the way to go.  Learning about search engine optimization may seem a daunting task at first especially if you are completely green in this field. The easiest way to orient you would probably be reading the top industry blogs and downloading Google's resources. These will teach you the basics on which you can build on. Once you understand the importance of the search engine optimization as well as the acceptable practices, learning the fundamentals comes next.

It's safe to say that search engine optimization is built around the use of keywords - the effort is always about trying to rank well for specific keyword phrases. A good course will teach you all you need to know about keywords, including using variations of the phrase, using an appropriate keyword density, as well as the advantage of keyword-based domains.

Meta descriptions may be used by search engines to analyze the relevance of your website to the search terms. Potential visitors also get to know what your site is all about before clicking on the link. The descriptions offered should be relevant and concise. Titles also give you the chance to describe each of your pages; since these pages are indexed individually, titles are vital to both humans and robots in determining the relevance of your page.

Backlinks refer to the external links that point to your pages. Building backlinks is probably the most crucial part of a search engine optimization campaign. The higher the number of backlinks to your website, the higher your website is likely to rank on Google and Bing. However, these backlinks carry more weight if they are coming from reputable or authority websites that are relevant to your niche.  Google uses PageRank (PR) as one of the major ranking factors. Therefore, obtaining backlinks from high PR sites adds much more reputation to a website than would be the case with backlinks from low PR sites. As link-building can be a long and challenging process, a good training course can equip you with handy tips and techniques to make the process less of a pain.

This has grown to become an entire industry on its own - and still plays a huge role in search engine optimization. Social bookmarking, commenting on blogs and running social media profiles are some of the practices that can improve a website's ranking. These practices have now been incorporated into the training programs.  The factors above outline the basic lessons taught in the training courses. Even if you are not after advanced knowledge in this field, learning those essentials can greatly help you optimize a website. Ultimately, though, the best training course goes in-depth and beyond these. It is up-to-date and provides all the insights that will prove the difference between being one of the best in the industry and being just ordinary.  Learn more at

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Searching for Software and Programmers

If you are interested in using dynamic keyword insertion for your online business, you are on the right track. That's because this technique can make your advertisements and web pages more relevant and are therefore more likely to sell. However, this is something you cannot do on your own, especially if you don't have the right tools. So, if this is something you want to include in your business plans, you should start looking for a programmer or a dynamic keyword insertion plugin.

If you opt for a programmer, there is one thing you need to prepare: your wallet. As you may know, this technology is old in advertisements but is relatively new when it comes to landing pages. Looking for a programmer who can apply dynamic keyword insertion in both ads and web pages may be taxing on your marketing budget. But if he can really perform, then you can expect to recover your capital.

Always remember that before hiring a programmer, you should thoroughly check his portfolio. And when checking works, be on the lookout for design, functionality, and common sense. More importantly, ask him repeatedly if he has experience in this field. Clarify whether he can implement it in both advertisements and web pages. You might also want to ask him if he has used a dynamic keyword insertion plugin before. If the programmer answered yes in all your questions, that's a good sign.

Now, if you plan to do this on your own, you will need to the right instruments. And to be completely honest with you, you don't need much. Where most DIY marketers actually get it wrong is during the plugin selection phase. In short, they do not lack the ability to use software. They often lack the ability to choose the right dynamic keyword insertion program. What exactly are you looking for, you ask?

You need a software that can dynamically change your keywords in both advertisements and web pages. If that is not possible, at least choose one that changes your keywords in your landing pages based on incoming search terms. It must also be able to create new pages based on these keywords or phrases. In short, it adapts to the needs of your website visitor. That, in essence is a dynamic keyword insertion tool. And as a final piece of advice, do not but page duplicators or software that merely copies and pastes codes. You need a keyword replacer, not a page copier.  Learn more at

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The Challenge Posed By Landing Pages

Ask anyone who is new to dynamic keyword insertion and he will tell you that landing pages make his head ache. That is because while this technique of dynamically changing words based on relevancy has been around for some time in advertisements, it is still a bit of a challenge when it comes to using it for web pages. The challenge in particular involves two popular content management systems.  The first challenge, therefore, is making dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages work in WordPress and Joomla sites. These two frameworks are easy to use when it comes to uploading content. But when it comes to uploading pages that can dynamically change based on relevancy, that's where the problem lies. There's a good number of software out there that can work on other framework but not on these two.

In case you hurdle that one, the next challenge in your bid to initiate dynamic keyword insertion would be the number of pages involved. As you may know, the logic behind this strategy is composed of two main reasons. The first one is SEO, or search engine optimization and the other is relevancy, or having a page that's more relevant for an individual visitor. However, achieving these two factors means you need to have a unique page for each keyword. That also means if you use 20 keywords, you need 20 unique pages.

Another hurdle in implementing dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages is the amount of work involved in page editing. Let us say you survived the creation of 20 unique pages featuring 20 unique keywords or phrases. But what if you need to update something? For example the offer has already expired? That means you need to edit the particular text for at least 20 times. You need to edit the individual pages, one by one. That alone is enough to prevent marketers to even attempt to implement dynamic keyword insertion.

Does that mean this strategy will remain for the sole use of advertisements? Of course not. Today's landing pages, even if they are WordPress- and Joomla-based, can benefit from this relevancy technique. The important thing to note here is to look for a programmer or a software that can overcome these challenges. And yes, there are people and software capable of implementing successful dynamic keyword insertion in both advertisements and landing pages. If you're searching for software, look for keyword replacers. If you opt for a programmer, examine his portfolio carefully before making any down payments.  Learn more at

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How to Get Quality Backlinks That Help Your Website Rank Faster

Backlinks providers come in all shapes and sizes. Many promise large numbers of high PR backlinks delivered quickly at low prices, leading the buyer to believe they will be getting a great boost to their sites rankings.  Unfortunately most link building services who make these promises do so in ways that can actually hurt your site's rankings and potentially being dropped from the indexes altogether. That great deal you thought you were getting can put you out of business.

How can this be? It is surprisingly easy to get pr5 - pr8 backlinks. Typically this is done using "profile links". These are accounts created on website forums using your keywords as your "signature". A backlink service may create dozens of accounts a day for the clients they promised high pr links to. If you are a Webmaster of one of these forums and you see accounts being created with links to your site and zero participation in the forum would you be happy? The Webmaster worked hard to obtain their high pr and the equivalent of freeloaders use their site to steal their pr without contributing anything in return. And worse, they create a maintenance headache for the Webmaster.  Multiply this by the number of promised high pr links, the number of link building services offering this type of service, and the number of websites signing up for the services, you become part of a problem that offends many webmasters. The end result will be losing most or all of those links when the Webmaster does their maintenance and deletes the hundreds or even thousands of accounts that were created by backlink service providers such as these.

How can this impact you? There are at least two problems this will cause for you. First, the money you paid to the provider ends up yielding few if any backlinks as your links get deleted. Secondly and more importantly, search engines can and do easily track the backlink activity of websites. One day your site has a couple of high pr links. The next day you have 50 or 100, a week or two later you are back to a handful. Would this look natural to a search engine like Google? Would their systems wonder if you tried to do something to manipulate their algorithms? What might their reaction be? The answer can't be good.  Protect yourself from dubious practices such as this. Look for a backlink building service that uses methods acceptable to the search engines. Search engines like good quality content gradually added to good quality sites in such a way that benefits their customers - the searchers. And they like to see the links stay around permanently.  Learn more at

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More SEO Experts To Avoid

Going on from the list 'The SEO Experts To Avoid', this article looks at some more so-called SEO 'experts' who are only going to cause more harm than good to your website rankings. If you find yourself in the company of one of these 'experts', the best thing to do is to get up and walk out.  These 'experts' are actually similar to the "ex-conversion expert" SEO mentioned in the first article - web design and optimization are not the same thing, although having a little web design knowledge is definitely helpful. If the 'expert' continually makes design recommendations, you can be sure that they used to be a designer or developer who dabbled a little in optimization.  These 'experts' are so focused on the future of SEO that they fail to deliver the results you are paying them for today. They may have all sorts of fantastic ideas for implementing better and more effective optimization strategies in the future, but if they can't garner success with the current techniques what's the point?

These 'experts' can quite often seem too good to be true - they make all sorts of promises about what their SEO can achieve - and, in all reality, if it seems this way it probably is. There really is no way to guarantee top results, or they may only focus on obscure keywords.  As in any industry, there are SEO 'experts' that feel their time is worth upwards of $5,000 per meeting. Even if their services are fantastic and they really can get you the results you're after, nothing excuses this outrageous price inflation and "I'm better than you" attitude.

Whilst these 'experts' will try to offer you their services for a bargain price, if their grammar is atrocious you can rest assured that they are using a translation tool to write their emails or advertisements and are actually located overseas somewhere.  This type of 'expert' is basically pretending to understand what SEO is. They think that pay per click (PPC) advertisements are the same as generating organic optimized results, but they're kidding themselves - PPC results are ranked nowhere near as highly as organic optimization.  Ensuring that you avoid the SEO 'experts' who are less than desirable will be hugely beneficial to boosting your website's search engine rankings. By knowing what to look for in a bad SEO 'expert', you will be well on your way to finding the best company for your project.  Learn more at

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Article Prism Services: To Rank Higher Online

Today, there are a number of companies that can help you attain a required ranking on any search engine. Many people have become well aware of the fact that each of these link building companies have the ability to give your website a higher quality of links. By doing so, they allow you to have a greater number of users frequenting the site. One of the best ways to do this is to acquire the services of an article prism SEO Company. Simply put, a content writing company within an SEO or search engine optimization firm can just as easily help you.

On looking through the Internet, many people have found SEO companies with a content writing department to be an answer to their problems. This is precisely the reason why many content writing companies offer their clients a range of services, each of which is suited to address a particular topic. From these services, a client can choose an article writing format which they feel is ideal for their website. An article prism is a form of article writing that gives the company a necessary boost to reach the top of the search results.

The article prism service has helped people from around the globe rank amongst the top in a short period of time. At present, people have begun to realize that rankings do not depend on the number of links to your website, but on the quality of links present on your site. Since the competition is soaring in almost every online niche, it is crucial to consider various SEO options that can help your online business stay at the top of the pack and bask in the glory of being no1.

If you are considering this type of article writing for your business, it is ideal to search the Internet for companies that can give you an ideal article prism editorial to your liking. It is necessary that you go through each site to know which service can give you the best features and allow your website to flourish on the internet. It is important that you be well aware of the manner in which the article is written and submitted. Another feature to consider is the presence of writers at these services that can give you a keyword rich article. This is one of the important aspects that can help websites rank high and achieve credibility on various search engines.

The number of keywords that can be used for each article prism varies from two to three. The right usage of keywords and its placement can help your website have its inner pages linked. It is important that each of these aspects is paid attention to in order to achieve a holistic SEO for the website. So, if you are seeking to obtain the services of an SEO online company, browse through the various portals. They will be able to guide you in choosing the company, which can help your firm pull away from the rest of the competition.  Learn more at

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Individuals Vs. An SEO Services Company

When it comes to exploring options for online visibility, there is no shortage of different choices. There are many ways to get your company and your products to be more visible on the web, and every different niche and option within that has a wide variety of different professionals able to assist you. But how do you know who is good? How do you know who will offer you the kind of services you're hoping for? If you're choosing a search engine optimization specialist, this list of things to look for will help you make the call.  The first thing you'll likely notice about the field is that there are two main types of places you can turn for help: either an individual operating alone, or an SEO services company. In general, the company is going to be the better option, unless you have substantial in-house capabilities. Choosing a company tends to provide you with more backup and support than an individual, as well as more of a successful history.

Although on average companies tend to pull ahead of an individual search engine optimization specialist, it is important to note that if the company is inexperienced and the consultant is a 10-year veteran of the field, that generalization becomes invalid. Experience is an absolute necessity in this field. Success comes from knowing the intricacies of what to do and what to avoid, and that comes from trial and error as much as anything else. Don't be an experiment for someone new to web marketing.

White hat, black hat, and grey hat describe the various degrees of ethical behavior within the field of web marketing. White hat techniques are fully above the board, compliant with various Webmaster guidelines and unlikely to be frowned upon. Grey hat blurs the line, raising questions in the minds of some practitioners and potentially causing problems in the future. Black hat is considered to be unethical, and may directly violate some guidelines or other restrictions. Using white hat methods, where everything is ethical, above the board, and otherwise positive, is usually the best idea.

In order to see how an SEO services company works, ask them to share a case study with you. The case study should highlight what the challenge was, what they did to overcome it, and what the results were for the client. Any good company will have a large selection of these to choose from, but don't be worried if they don't list any on their website. Many want to respect client privacy, and only share on an as-needed basis.  The vast majority of businesses don't want to utilize a canned, out-of-the-box package for web marketing. The Internet is dynamic, and having a company that knows how to adapt to the changes and create something that works for you is a major asset. If you're small or local, you might want to start with a standard package, but once you grow you'll almost surely want to move beyond. Make sure that the search engine optimization specialist you're working with can do that.  Learn more at

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