Chad Lieberman Teaches Cheer Up, SEO Reseller! You Are Not a Liability

There is a common misconception that being a search engine optimization (SEO) reseller is simply being the service provider's representative or employee. For serious resellers, such a misconception may be offensive. Despite the fact that there is a partial truth to it, it does not define whom resellers are in the entire SEO reselling system. Resellers are the service provider's partners--the conduits and bridges--and without them, engaging new clients, expanding, as well as experiencing growth will be a problem for the service provider.  For resellers, letting the said misconception get the best of them won't help them at all. The only helpful thing to do about it-as an alternative to wasting their time defending themselves on the forums and typing emotional updates against it on their social networking accounts-is to use it to their advantage and see it as a stepping stone to become better in the business.

If people keep on saying that resellers like you are simply middlemen, then be a good and dependable middleman. Do your best to be the finest middleman in town. If they are saying that you are just a bridge for a bigger company, then who cares? What you have to do is become a competent bridge not just of your organization, but also of your services. If people say that you are just a representative, then be a representative that clients can trust. All you need to do is be a top-notch SEO representative in your industry. 

These days, a growing number of resellers appear to be weaker types of resellers than those that I have known. Well, that was just three or four years ago, but that short span of time has shown significant change. Back then, SEO resellers were dedicated people-more serious compared with the new ones. Right now, I have been seeing resellers that are overly sensitive. Oversensitivity can severely hinder their growth. Funny, right? I've also noticed some resellers who are a bit shy with what they do, especially if they hear foul-mouthed words and accusations from their clients. They ended up losing their focus, stirring anger among their prospects, and failing in the development and execution of their business proposal.

Those who waste their time badmouthing SEO middlemen are individuals who probably have nothing productive to do in life. Worse, they might even know absolutely nothing about genuine business. Perhaps they have no understanding of how difficult it truly is to be like you, or even how much expertise, determination, and passion is required to be a good reseller.  So if you hear nasty remarks from such kinds of people, or if you read negative remarks on the Web regarding your venture, just remember these things: unlike them, you have a stable and great job; you are in a secured SEO reseller agreement that allows you to earn profit; and you are definitely not a dead weight entity in the society.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/21/2014
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