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It occurred to me the other day that I was stressed, busy and very tired. I was recently introduced to creating passive income online by owning websites. It was easy, you build a site, get people to visit it and sit back and watch the money roll in. Great concept I thought, so I took the plunge and built a site.  Now it was exciting to start. Getting the site up and running was kind of cool, I got to choose a template, write the content and get analytics on to watch it grow. However once I got the site up and running the traffic was pathetic. Every day I logged into analytics and AdSense to check how it was doing. I got a few visitors including a few unique; however I suspected that they were my friends and family logging in to have a look. 

I started to do some research on how to get traffic. I was quickly introduced to the term SEO, which as most of you know stands for Search Engine Optimization. There was so much information on how to SEO a website, including on-page, off-page, back linking, indexing, bookmarking, article writing, the list went on. I had no idea what I was doing? I stumbled upon an article stating that article writing was a god place to start. So I ventured into writing articles, rewriting them, and then rewriting them again. I did this for weeks; it was time consuming and boring. 

Don't get me wrong I knew I could pay someone to do the SEO work for me, but during my searches the price tags that popped up kind of bothered me. Some places where asking $6000 for ten keywords on page 1. At this stage I couldn't afford that. So for weeks I continued to write articles, open up accounts on directory sites, post them in with my links and hoped that the back linking would improve my sites traffic. I also did a few twitter posts, blog comments and Facebook comments. Overall all this work got me about 20 backlinks per week. It was time consuming, boring and the results were negligible.  After a while I decided to source some cheap SEO. I started researching on forums, reading post and asking questions. I even posted my link a few times in the hope for some click through. For any newbie to forums, posting your links to soon is a great way to get banned. What I learnt was that cheap backlinks can be disastrous. There are SEO providers out there that will build you thousands of links to your site at what seems to be a great price. Your ranking will improve, so will your traffic and for me my profit increased too. This was great, for a while. A short time after using one of these services my results started to drop along with my traffic and of course the profit. 

What I found out was that cheap backlinks are cheap for a reason. They don't last. Now as I said I did make some money, however the cost was more than what I made so I had really wasted my time and money. I found out also that bad techniques like this often mans you need to create more backlinks than the first time to get your ranking back up. Of course that means more money.  I headed back into the forums, asked more questions and learnt better techniques to build backlinks. I learnt that you need to build links on good quality sites, sites that stay alive and have good PageRank. Have your links on sites that relate to or close to your niche and are not stuffed into it multiple times. Eventually I found the solution, at a good price and my site ranks great.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/22/2014
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