Chad Lieberman Teaches How to Build SEO for Your Website the Right Way

With the large number of websites currently available on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noteworthy to Google and other search engines. If your website is well established, you are at least a step ahead of the new sites coming online each day, but that doesn't necessarily equate to the volume of traffic you are looking for.  The one thing that is constantly a positive when you want to garner the interest of future customers is to build SEO that gets Google's attention, and the way to do that is to know what Google wants. 

Search engines are designed to be fair to all websites that compete for free space in the searches, so following the guidelines explicitly for the best exposure is the only way to expect to press closer to being located on the first page of an applicable search.  People who tell you that a website can be designed to run itself are not very perceptive of how the process works. Search engines like seeing new content each time they crawl a website, and visitors to your site will want to return often when you build SEO by keeping them supplied with new information on a topic of interest to them. 

As people return and the traffic increases, Google will raise your rank and move you up the ladder. Keep your content original and do the research necessary to provide factual and interesting information. If you have a popular niche topic and provide updates often, you will build SEO and increase your ranking.

You should make it very clear what you are promoting on a website. This is true in the printed word, pictures, and videos, but it must also be true behind the scenes where the search engines pick up information.  The more straightforward and obvious your content is made, the higher that content will be ranked. You should have a description for a webpage that includes the keyword phrases for which you want to be ranked. Those same keywords need to be your tags so they build SEO. 

Off page SEO is the heart of selling your website, and it is represented by backlinks. Of course, where those backlinks originate has much to do with how highly they are regarded. Just as there are quality backlinks that can boost your ranking, there are also links that can damage your ranking, so it is important to understand the value the search engines place on the origin of the links and how they are obtained. 

If your website information is useful and provides value to the reader, it is much easier to attract quality backlinks, many from sites that are already ranked high in searches. New content and link building must be a continual part of building SEO for your website. Give it the time and effort it deserves, and you will be well rewarded.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/14/2014
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