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The key to promoting your business (besides hiring an amazing guru) is gaining your consumer's attention before your competitors. SEO has become one of the main methods to promote websites, blogs and other Internet platforms to users. However, the space is always changing and within the last two years we have seen many changes within the SEO industry, especially with the growth of social media, smartphones and tablets. Below we have listed some 2012 predictions to prepare your websites and blogs, whether you use them for business or pleasure.

Social Media Integration

The growth of social media soared in 2011, with Facebook and Twitter opening its platforms for businesses. A survey conducted by Caliber showed that technology specialists predicted that social signals would influence SEO the most in 2012, representing an overall realization from the industry that businesses will need to expand their SEO knowledge to keep up with demand from their consumers. Interestingly, Facebook has already updated its business pages with a timeline that group’s links and comments together, making it easier for the consumer to interact with the rest of the community. Some businesses (especially start-ups) are solely relying on social media to promote their services instead of a website, making the integration more probable. 

Mobile Optimization

In 2011, mobile web made a huge impact in the technology market. It became easier for the consumer to purchase through platforms like eBay and this impact is predicted to grow in 2012. As more customers will become increasingly open to using their mobile phones to purchase tickets, bus and train journeys and buy groceries, SEO will have to grow alongside the mobile markets to meet demand. This will mean that app developers, website designers and social media gurus incorporate SEO into their posts, upgrades and uploads creatively if they want to audiences to continue growing.

Tailored Search Results

All web platforms in 2011 began relying on personal information, either from integrating social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, or users openly giving their details to the public domain, to pick up consumers. Predictions for 2012 see social media and search history become important to Google and SEO. Features will begin to rely on a browser's history, current location, Google+ profile, and other data from a Gmail account, trying to tailor results to specific users. This could also mean that social media platforms not associated with Google could influence a search such as taking into account interests, age, and job and relationship status.

Google Vs Images

Websites like Instagram and Flickr are just a few image sites that the Internet relies on. 2012 will see a new image based search engine launches for users, competing with Google and emphasizing SEO in image descriptions and names. This new engine will decrease the space between SEO and social media, linking images with blogs and image-based websites, possibly making Google images obsolete.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

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