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If you are marketing online, SEO is inevitable. Search Engine Optimization has evolved over the years. With so many tips, tricks and techniques around, it's very easy to misinterpret some concepts. Today there are so many myths and misconceptions in the SEO world, leading to sheer waste of time and SEO efforts by search engine optimization implementers. This is an attempt to clarify a few very basic myths. 

More Keywords = Higher Ranking.  No. If you use too many keywords in your content, it will adversely affect your SEO efforts. A keyword density of 2-3 % is enough.

More Links = Better Ranking.  No. More "quality" links can bring you a good ranking. It's more of a quality factor than quantity. If you have quality links linking to your site, it is seen as a plus. Linking just for a quantitative advantage adversely affects your rankings.

PPC gives organic results a boost.  No again! PPC is separate from organic results. Yes, your business does get a boost with PPC, but organic SEO rankings are completely different from PPC. 

Buying links will help me because I get many links instantly - this will improve my rankings.  No, if you buy links, you might see momentary results, but again - a bunch of irrelevant, low quality links will do more harm than any good. Always ensure that your link building strategies are aimed towards building them organically.

SEO is complete for my website - what next?  False. SEO tasks can never be "complete". Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and never a onetime activity. If you have completed on-page tasks, continue with articles, blogs, etc. Keep your website "live" on the Internet. And keep adding value for customers as well as search engines to look for. 

Images and videos are not useful because search engines can read only text.  No - no. Images and videos make the website content rich. Use them if it is going to add value to your website's user experience. Well, the good news is, images and videos can be optimized for search engines too. You can use ALT tags in images and description, titles to describe the videos and images. With proper SEO, you can use any image and video and search engines will read and understand them.

No that's not true either. Sitemap.xml is important from both user and search engine perspective for easy navigation and to better understand you website. But it will definitely not help in gathering extra "juice" and boost rankings. This is not to say that don't use site maps, use them to assist users and crawlers through your site's pages and help them navigate better - rankings will follow automatically.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/17/2014
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