Chad Lieberman Teaches SEO Reseller: The Secret Behind Triumph of More Businesses

In geography and through history, bridges symbolize the progress and growth of a specific place. Bridges represent an area's victory over the darkness of the past. In these modern times, bridges have also been considered as symbols of beauty. They now function as welcoming connections that invite outsiders to experience and learn about the locations being connected and, possibly, the beauty that encompasses them. 

But of course, nobody wants to cross a dilapidated bridge. Even in third-world countries, bridges are embellished to make them appealing to tourists and sightseers. And for the resellers that serve as the bridges in the SEO reselling equation, they should not take beauty for granted. 

It is likely that you've already seen a door-to-door salesman, or you already had an encounter with a sales guy knocking on your door and selling detergents and encyclopedias. They're often clean and neat, correct? They actually are, particularly throughout the '70s when door-to-door advertising and marketing was like the "in" thing in marketing-seeing an untidy sales guy was really beyond imagination. However, at this time when not-so-popular and large enterprises own most direct selling businesses, I'm pretty sure that you've already chanced upon one that is untidy and messy. It is not appealing, is it?

When this unkempt washing machine detergent seller appeared outside my gate, my urge to try his products had melted instantly. He wasn't smelly or what, but he had this distasteful fashion statement. Green company baseball cap, unkempt collars, tarnished ID lace, yellow khaki pants, and imitation Pony rubber shoes-they all killed my appetite. I even skipped my dinner that day! The thing is, as an SEO reseller myself, I have some related experiences with a fellow SEO reseller too. She called my home telephone and I graciously said YES-not to purchase her service, of course, but to study her approaches and services-and we met at the nearest arcade. She was fair, but her choice of clothes wasn't. She carried an imitation Long champ totem bag; she wore a Britney Spears Sketchers, a yellow tennis shirt, and a green denim skirt. I thought I was in a safari souvenir shop! Nevertheless, for the sake of politeness and good manners, I still spent three hours of reselling talks with her. What I did was I put on my wayfarers to stay away from getting dazzled and glared by her colorful fashion sense.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/17/2014
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