Chad Lieberman Teaches The Expertise of a SEO Consultant Is Invaluable to Small Businesses!

Regardless of the fact that a person searches for kitchen cabinets or the latest applications for Android, he will always click the first search results and not scroll over twenty pages to find what he is looking for. To put it simply, the only websites that will be found are the ones that rank higher and are in the first and possibly second page. Does this mean that a small company has no chance of being listed in the first positions in a highly competitive market? The answer to this question is no, if that the small business takes into account the recommendations of the SEO consultant. 

First of all, the owners of small businesses should know that the bloom of mobile searches has revitalized the local searches. Generically speaking, the local searches have brought small business a lot of clients and they continue to increase sales constantly. However, the smartphones on the market today, which on a side note have the capacity of desktop-like browser speeds and quality, permit users to perform more queries regarding restaurants, hotels, car rental and virtually any services they were interested in, located in their immediate proximity. Given these factors, any SEO consultant will encourage small business owners to create mobile friendly websites. 

Search engine optimization is always about adapting to the trends and preferences of the population. The popularity of the social networks is another untapped territory where small businesses can find numerous leads. The SEO services can come up with interesting posts, polls and media to be posted on the wall of the Facebook page for instance and that everyone can see and share. Having a profile on Twitter or Facebook, which is well-built, relevant, and of quality translates to free advertisement. As you can see, with a minimum investment in the SEO services, the benefits and returns are enormous.

The main problem of small businesses and their reluctance to call on the aid of a SEO consultant usually resides in the small budget allocated for marketing purposes. Not only do certain small businesses never bother to invest in SEO, but also they are actually asking for reasons why they should. What these owners do not know is that the first advantage of making an effort to invest in search engine optimization is the incredibly higher return. Given the tough economic times of today and the fact that consumers are more careful about how they spend their money, a double return on the investment is important.

If you are curious how this translates into potential customers and actual sells, let's imagine the example of a local restaurant in Sidney, which appears as the first result in the search query and gets around 8,000 clicks per month. Even though there are so many users getting informed regarding the Sidney restaurant, it is natural that only a small percentage of them will actually make a reservation there. Assuming that only 200 users have made reservations in a month and the medium pre reservation profit is around 50 dollars that sums up to a total of 10,000 dollars per month.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/22/2014
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