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There has been a lot of debate in the post Panda era on which back links are valuable and which links are useless. Search engines are becoming extremely intelligent about figuring out the quality of the links, relevance of links to the content, and the authority of these links. Links that used to be considered valuable 5 years ago are suddenly not as powerful. There is a reason for this and in this article we will talk about the links that are still considered to be valuable in the eyes of the search engines. 

Web 2.0 properties are content networks that allow users to create content in the form of text, audio, video, pictures, and other forms of content. Many Web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo have a high page rank and usually require good original content. In return for great content, these networks usually allow a contextual back link. These links are very valuable to search engines because the parent URL usually has a high Page Rank and therefore already considered an authority. However, there is a trick! Just slapping content together and throwing it on these networks is no longer a viable option. Most of these networks want you to take your content seriously and to actually spend the time designing a piece of content that has good quality and provides useful information to people. For example, Squidoo will actually take your lens out of its search network if there has not been any activity on that lens. Web 2.0 links are still very powerful, however great care must be taken in creating quality content in order to have your content featured on these properties

This topic often generates a lot of controversy. If you ever owned a blog, you've probably experienced a ton of spam. Most of this spam is auto generated by robots that comment on thousands of blogs. Most of these comments are meaningless, useless, and do not provide any value to the content. Originally, blog comments have been designed for user participation in order to share opinions about written content. Search engines love user participation because they love fresh content and buzz around that content. As an owner of server blogs, I am actually yet to see a comment that actually adds value to my post. Not only that, in the last month I've received more than two thousand comments which are all auto generated. These comments are completely irrelevant to my content, provide zero value, and are actually very annoying. If someone would actually take the time to read my blog and post a relevant comment, I would approve it on the spot. In return poster of the quality comment would get a valuable back link. Therefore, when it comes to blog commenting it is still an excellent way to get back links. However, the blog comments must have genuine interest in the topic, provide some value to the blog, and must not be auto generated.

Contrary to many beliefs, article writing is still a great way to get quality back links. However, it should not be viewed as the only way to get quality back links. A lot of people say that article writting does not work. This is absurd! It is analogous to saying that newspapers don't work. Maybe newspapers are not red as much as they used but there are still people who prefer to touch and feel the paper copy. People actually search for information in the variety of ways and if one of those people stumbles upon your article, he/she would probably visit your website in order to learn a little bit more. Most of the reputable article directories have a "resource box" where the author can post couple of links. These links are very valuable because a lot of quality article directories actually go through approval process in order to publish content. Search engines value those links because content actually went though a review in order to be approved.  When it comes to powerful back links that will drive traffic to your site, Web 2.0 properties, quality blog commenting, and good article writing should be seriously considered as a part of your overall marketing strategy.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/14/2014
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