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6W Research stats the current trend of web computing is changing. People are moving form computer system Internet to mobile computing. New generation technology has changed the whole seen, smart built phone posses the capability to make you move with the current trend. It provides you access to entire world and that too at your fingertips. There are my companies that operate in the computer web based business have taken special care and have my moved there focus towards mobile web based applications. With such a large customer base that will for surely grow more and more, provides you with an opportunity to make it big for your business. From here the need of mobile SEO arises. The big question still remains there. 


The word mobile SEO sound a bit weird, as it’s not totally different from standard SEO but to a large extend different in standardized SEO. The tips and tricks that work in standard SEO may not exactly work in the same manner in case of Mobile SEO. We will now discuss the points that differentiate standard SEO from Mobile SEO. 

All the popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Yahoo, Dogpile that are found on the web have a mobile avatar to. Each of these websites has created two versions one for standard computer and one for mobile Internet. Both of the versions are distinct in there view. Though most sites use mirror technology to create same view both on computer based Internet and mobile Internet. Mostly sites running on mobile are using XHTML as a standard for creating webpage’s it’s a simplified version of HTML. With a domain extension of. Mobi. 

The most important and notable thigh that needs to be considered over here is that your mobile site must be available for mobile searching and indexing by search engines. By submitting your website to mobile search engines you have covered only half of your journey. Thing are not different but there targeting strategies are different as you have to be specific about mobile users this will help you in both ways you will be able to target both mobile and computer based audios. 

In mobile SEO may vary in some points but will mostly remain the same. Keywords continue to attain the prime attention here also, and SEO is carried out on content. While keeping the above-mentioned things in mid you will definitely be able to produce result oriented SEO.


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