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An SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS) can significantly benefit your company by saving precious time and resources, increasing production, and reducing down time. More importantly, a good, SEO friendly CMS can bring your site valuable exposure from search engines if it is built according to their standards. 

So how can you ensure the CMS solution you choose will turn into a healthy investment for your company? 

To start with, no system out there knows your site better than you do, so one of the first few steps you should do is map out a clear hierarchy of your current web site, including any and all categories, sub-categories, product listing pages, product or information detail pages, etc. This will help you visualize what your end results will look like and whether or not it’s something you can easily achieve through a new content management system. 

Next, generate a list of everything you currently struggle with or would like to see changed or enhanced, and make sure the company you’re working with can customize something that addresses all of your concerns and is search engine and programmer friendly which the rest of the article addresses on a greater level. 

An SEO friendly Content Management System should include all of the following functionalities: 


The ability to customize the template comes in handy most of the time, but many companies might need programmers doing the customization for them, which by itself contradicts the whole idea of moving to a CMS solution. However, if you choose this option, look into these factors in regards to the content management system’s usage of templates: 

Good tech support: I have had the opportunity to work with many different CMS solutions, and one common issue for many clients is a lack of technical support and available resources. A lot of people still rely on open source content management solutions developed in PHP simply because of the size of the PHP community and the amount of documents available to the end user, so search for a CMS with good technical support and a decent size community. 

Ability to create multiple user accounts with different access permissions: If more than one person is to drive your system then this feature can really come in handy. Depending on your needs, you can even have reports sent to the admin detailing all the changes applied by different users along with the time spent while making the changes. 

Alternative attributes for images: Some systems don’t necessarily utilize alternative attributes for images. This is something important for you to look into before choosing a system since there are many benefits to having “alt” associated with your images whether you look at from an SEO perspective or simply a site accessibility side benefit of it 

CMS and hosting: Another very important thing to be aware of is that some content management systems are hosted directly on the developer’s server, which means you are not just getting a content management system but rather a package that includes hosting. While this may seem like nothing more than a question of financial and whether or not it’s the right package for your immediate needs, but what if you decide to switch systems one day? what if you wanted to change hosting companies? There is a good chance that you would lose your entire web site if you were to decide change either one of the above-mentioned items, so investigate into the company’s process towards transitioning your web site and whether or not it’s even possible. 

Site back up: Last but not least is the ability to maintain site back up which definitely works to your favor if things ever get out of control. You never want to lose your site files or deal with down times, so if I were you, this would definitely be an integral factor in choosing a CMS. 

If you read this article, you are now qualified to negotiate a content management solution for you or your company. Moreover, you should now be able to invest in something that will not only save your company time, resources and ultimately expenses but also help bring enough exposure to your web site from all major search engines, and only then; I would consider it a healthy SEO investment which I hope this document can help you achieve.

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