SEO: Competitive Analysis

There is no one strategy that is universally effective for search engine optimization.  Putting together the right SEO strategy requires a detailed competitive analysis, comparing your site against the leading sites for your desired keyword phrases.  This analysis gives a clear picture of where you stand with the search engines.  If you want to dominate the organic rankings for the predetermined maximally effective keyword phrases meaning phrases where good rankings will drive ROI it’s of critical importance to analyze why your competition may or may not be doing better than you are. 

When a campaign begins, the first thing we do is conduct a detailed competitive analysis.  We take into account a multitude of factors when we determine the strength of your site, versus your competitors’ sites.  We look at factors such as Page Rank, age of your domain, the number of indexed pages with the various search engines, and targeted keywords, as well as an extensive back link analysis, to determine why you are positioned where you are and more importantly how to get you to where you want to be.  Your competition is likely optimizing their websites too we have to watch what they are doing to maintain our ethical unfair advantage. 

To summarize, 6WSEO will analyze the following components by looking at the competition’s online presence: 

-Page rank

-Back link analysis

-Unique visitors

-Traffic analysis

-Keyword ranking analysis

-Online brand presence analysis

-Website domain analysis

-Content analysis

-Website architecture analysis

-Visitor demographic break down analysis

-Social links analysis 

Taken together with our analysis of your own domain, these factors will allow us to plan the work so that it’s seen as natural by the spiders and we customize every single campaign for every single client.  There are no cookie cutter strategies that work in the field of SEO, so we don’t employ them. 

As our policy is to give you transparency into your campaign, our full website analysis will be available.  This will allow your internal marketing team to coordinate with the SEO effort.

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