SEO: Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is the single most important step to make sure that your search engine optimization campaign brings you a return on your investment and it happens before a single piece of content is written, a single piece of code is externalized, or a single back link is obtained.  Before you can embark on a successful SEO campaign, you need to know how people are finding your site, whether or not they are buying, which pages keep them there and which pages cause them to leave, along with other basic behavior patterns.  The keywords that feel right to you may not be the best ones for your campaign, and competing for qualified traffic on the Internet is a different proposition than marketing in the real world.  Intuition is certainly valuable in business- but our proprietary keyword research process combined with your knowledge of your business arena will ensure that your campaign gets the most bangs for the buck. 

6WSEO conducts extensive keyword research before any work begins on your site or your SEO campaign.  The process starts when you let us know what keywords you think are appropriate to focus on for your area of business.  Then, we analyze your website, content, back links and presence on the web, and we also research your competition.  We then use a process that allows us to map out keywords for the pages that already exist on your website- in addition to any future pages that might need to be added to expand your business then we combine our research with your knowledge of your business to put you on top.  Remember, traffic is not the ultimate goal of the campaign conversions are.  With this in mind, we’ll work with you to choose the right keywords for the maximum return on your investment.

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