SEO Structural Optimization

Structural optimization of your site ensures that Users and the automated agents that crawl the web spiders are able to find your relevant content quickly, thus granting your pages more authority.  Ensuring that URLs are properly named, and that an efficient directory structure is implemented is extremely important for the success of your website. 

Structural optimization may include changing or renaming URLs, ensuring that the XML and HTML sitemaps are properly formatted and in a place where the spiders can find them, or redoing your Flash based site navigation to be in a format that the spiders can read and catalog.  We can optimize or completely redo your navigation structure, if necessary, to ensure that when qualified traffic lands on your pages, that traffic is converted to sales. 

6WSEO can also make changes to elements on the page that will encourage Users to stick to your site, and eventually make an order, or pick up the phone and give you a call.  We will identify your website’s conversion points and make sure that structurally, the site speaks to those conversion points, along with having great content. 

Structural optimization is part of the initial tune up of the site, completed after the initial site analysis is produced but before offsite content and linking efforts begin.  This structural analysis and tuning ensures maximum ROI on your SEO investment.

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