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Website analysis is a crucial component of any SEO campaign.  We need to make sure that your site is up to par in very basic areas such as site architecture, internal link structure, compliance with Google webmaster best practices, and the like.  The most basic elements necessary to get found by the spiders, such as robots.txt files, xml sitemaps, and text based navigation are frequently missing from clients’ sites at the inception of their SEO campaign we make sure these basic elements are in place before we start writing content or garnering a single back link- this gives us the maximum chance for success as the campaign rolls out.  We also analyze your 404 error pages, 301 redirects, server configuration, spider accessibility and usability to identify any potential areas of your site that need attention. 

The changes we recommend and implement are designed to positively impact your site in terms of both spider ability and User experience.  Our ultimate goal is to analyze your site, and then implement best practices to ensure that the site is both compliant with the search engines’ standards, and provides a good experience for the User.  All of this is done with the goal of keeping clients on your site for a long time, and getting them to convert. 

On page optimization is a crucial factor for your site’s authority and subsequent rankings. We’ll make sure, for example, that URLs are written properly, 301 redirects are implemented in ways that retain existing rankings, and anchor text used for page interlinking is tuned to the campaign.  Our analysis will identify areas of weakness or threat, and subsequently optimize your pages and your site to accept targeted, well-optimized SEO content, which is what ultimately brings you traffic and business. 

The analysis phase of the campaign takes place at the beginning of every new campaign, and normally takes about 2 weeks to deliver, from the date of the kickoff call with your Project manager. This is an absolutely crucial step of any SEO campaign we need to make sure that on page optimization is up to par before the campaign proceeds- or the qualified traffic won’t convert.  This analysis will define clearly the strengths and weaknesses of your site and how we’re going to play to said strengths and eliminate said weaknesses.

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