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VSEO: Mastering the Video Vertical 

So here’s the big question: How do I make certain my video shows up on the front page of Google when someone searches a relevant query? Before we answer that, we need to explain the different types of Search Engine Ranking Pages SERP. 

Let’s say you search “Rolex” on Google. The organic results are what show up from a regular search: typically a ranking page of relevant websites. 

Then there’s what’s called Video Vertical SERP – what people find when they click on Video on the left side of Google to search specifically for videos. In the case of Rolex, you get a ranking page of relevant Rolex videos. 

Video Vertical SERP represent a different ranking algorithm; in other words, Google’s complicated mathematical formula doesn’t use the same set of factors as the regular search results. 

Here are some factors involved in optimizing for Video Vertical SERP:

Keywords: Researching keywords with tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is crucial. Everything must be keyword optimized with just the right amount of relevant keywords in the text that accompanies the video. 

Description: You need a concise and accurate description of what your video involves. This is where you should include your call to action, which is the action you want your viewer to take after viewing the video (such as rating it, sharing it, ordering a product). 

Tags: Make sure the tags related to your video are relevant. That increases the likelihood your video will rank high for its corresponding keywords. 

Ratings: Ask people to rate your video. The more ratings you get, the better. Positive ratings are especially beneficial. 

Playlist additions: You want people to add your video to a video playlist because the more playlists it’s on, the better. 

Flagging: It hurts your video search ranking if anyone flags it as spam or as something offensive. 

Embeds: Embeds give your ranking a boost. If somebody embeds your video on their blog, it means they loved your video. Search engines will take notice. 

Shares: You want as many people as possible to share your video with their personal networks. Search engines see shares as endorsements of a video’s relevance and quality. 

Comments: Comments are a direct indicator that a video is getting people talking. The more comments you have, the better. 

Age of video: Keep putting out fresh video content over time. The newer the video is, the better it is for its search ranking. 

Channel views: Views of your video channel are another indication of popularity. You want as many people viewing your channel as possible. 

Subscribers: Viewer subscriptions serve as another sort of endorsement. Get as many subscribers as you can. 

Inbound links: One of the best endorsements you could want for your video is for someone to link back to it. Numerous inbound links indicate that people are excited about your video.

Organic listings: The results for Google’s regular organic rankings serve as another ranking factor for the video vertical.


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